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Iíve been making crafts and jewelry for as long as I can remember. I always had some sort of project I was working on. I discovered polymer clay sometime around 1993. Each year I would find new projects to make as gifts for friends and family.

Then I moved to Los Angeles and started the PhD program in Economics at UCLA. Grad school was tough and I hardly touched my clay for about five years. I finally joined the Greater Los Angeles Polymer Clay Guild around 2000 to give myself a break from dissertation writing and have been back claying ever since. Once I finished my PhD, I had more time to devote to my passion for crafting and claying. People used to always tell me I should sell my work. Getting laid off from my job gave me the impetus to finally start my own business and this website. (As of June 2009, I'm back to working full-time as an Economist again, so I haven't been able to make as many things or participate in as many craft fairs as I'd like, but I'm still adding new things when I can.)

Iíve always loved animals and have been attracted to nature, so my work contains a lot of animals and plants. I also prefer bright colors, metallics, and sparkles. You wonít see many muted tones in my color palette!

My love of nature has led me to my latest art adventure: Gourds! I've been learning new techniques for crafting and creating beautiful and musical things with gourds. They are just so organic. And you can make so many things with them. I've begun mixing polymer clay with gourds to great effect. Check out my latest products and gallery to see what I've been working on lately.
In economics, the bliss point is the point at which one's utility is completely maximized, i.e. one is in bliss. I am moving towards my bliss point by creating beautiful, and sometimes whimsical, polymer clay jewelry and crafts for you to enjoy. Hopefully, having one of my creations will move you towards your personal bliss point!

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